Bruno Bernardino

Written by Bruno Bernardino.
Thoughts can change, disappear, or simply be observed.

There is a better way to read RSS
Introducing Focusd - A Calm RSS Reader

For over a year I’ve been reading articles from RSS feeds only once a day, and now I’m making it possible and easy for anyone to do that as…

Selling my Apple side projects
Some pre-spring cleaning

That’s right. I sold all of my side projects related to Apple that I’ve worked on in the past 3 years or so (and also some non-Apple Open…

My Favorite Articles
Currently. Never more than 15.

This is mainly a list for myself, and I welcome recommendations. These articles have valuable lessons, even if I don’t agree with the…

Promoting my right to forget
What was I talking about?

Photo by me @ Vilarinho de Negrões, Montalegre, Portugal . This is a short story about how, in the last year, I’ve deleted most of my…

Two years with Zapier
What an amazing journey so far!

It’s incredible to think that I only joined Zapier two years ago and realize how much we’ve grown since then. In fact, that’s one of the…

Beefing up Privacy
Why and how I’ve become more concerned about my privacy.

Photo by Matthew Henry For the longest time my mindset about Privacy had been “if I’ve got nothing to hide, I don’t need to worry about it…

Using limits as expanders
How I got more creative with less options

A few years ago, something I read really hit me. It was about the strict limits of Haiku , a form of very short Japanese poems. They had to…

5 Things I Stopped Doing
Which have made me happier!

Before you start reading through this list, note I’m not saying you should do these. Do whatever you want that makes you happy. I’m merely…

Be honest about your successes
And focus on how you overcame the failures

I really, really like how this video expresses honesty in successes. In today’s frantic times of ever-sharing our successes, we often end up…

Education solves your problem
My thoughts on education

People who know me understand I believe all problems (we know) we have can be solved by improving education. It has the potential to…

Not dying sets us up for failure
A quick thought experiment on focus

I think it’s undeniable the effect a deadline can have on us. The power that focus generates gets us to do things we otherwise perceived as…

No ambition. No goals.
How I’m planning to live my life from now on.

For a long time I’d written my short list (my most important commitments, a cue from Leo Babauta ), goals and ambitions , and from…