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Appreciate others more. Now.

Why do we only show appreciation to others when they’re leaving?

January, 2016

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Recently I left the company I worked for in the past ~3 years.

When I told everyone I was leaving, I got quite a few unexpected heartfelt emails.

They surprised me by their quantity and the emotional charge in each of them.

As my very short bio mentions, I love sharing. Because of this and the experience I’ve had so far, I tend to naturally fall into team lead and mentoring positions.

I like giving back a lot, and guiding others is a way of doing that where I feel great about it.

I don’t do it to get anything back, and it’s good enough to see people improve and get better at their craft and as individuals.

However, I felt phenomenal reading how these friends appreciated and thanked me for being a part of their lives.

It got me thinking… why don’t we do that more often? Why don’t we tell people we appreciate them more often?

One of them even said “(…) we rarely get a chance to say these things (…)”.

Are we really too busy to appreciate others?

Are we just too formal because we’re co-workers?

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t tell them I appreciated them either up until that point.

I tend to give feedback to others very frequently and honestly, including appreciating them for their efforts, but not like this. Not so personal. Not so… intimate, in a sense.

I just think there’s a lesson here.

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