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Collaboration drives us forward

Competition is slower

May, 2015

If you think about the “humanity” breakthroughs, like farming, industrialization, Internet, open source software, they were driven by collaboration, with the common purpose of benefitting mankind. To improve.

Now look at other breakthroughs in areas like health, transportation, hardware devices, space exploration, and software, generally.

Yes, we’ve made many breakthroughs on those, but because they were driven by competition, they were not able to have input from “everyone” or at least “every expert”. They’re not their best because inherently they needed secrecy. They required information to not be shared with everyone.

If we think about patents and how they’re used most times, they suck.

Imagine if those had been driven by collaboration instead.

Imagine an iPhone or a Google Nexus phone sharing the brilliancy of the competitors’ knowledge. Wouldn’t that produce a better device? Wouldn’t mankind ultimately win?

Now, obviously we cannot just stop living with competition. It’s in our nature for our genes to compete, but I’m talking about the community, not the individuals.

It all boils down to money. Capitalism has ruined our society like that, making a few enjoy a lot of life, and many not so much (It’s not even about the money people have, but the fact that it makes people believe it’s money and material possessions that makes you happy. I’m also not saying it’s not needed).

What I’m proposing is that we start being more open about sharing and exchanging information. We had the biggest and best breakthroughs when we did so.

Bruno Bernardino

Written by Bruno Bernardino.
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