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Dress up experiment

How dressing better for the past year has changed my mood positively

December, 2015

Oporto City Park

It feels great to just walk around the park during the day for a little bit.

Having worked from my home office full-time in the past 10 years or so has made my dress code pretty consistent.

I’d put on something comfortable (a t-shirt and some sweatpants), and be good to go.

It made it possible to feel comfortable and exercise in small batches throughout the day, while still having a decent work attire.

As part of practicing mindfulness, I noticed one day that when I dressed up for going out I just felt great.

My mood would immediately improve when I put on something nicer.

So I decided to start experimenting with dressing like I was going out, every day. To see if that would influence my mood.

It did.

Initially it was hard to make it work with exercise. I realized I had to stop doing small exercises throughout the day and started just stretching in those time out periods.

I switched to exercising after work, for about 30–60 minutes.

After successfully going at it for about 2 months, I decided it was time to give away all those extra “clothes to wear at home”.

All in all, I was able to reduce my number of clothes considerably, and focused on having/using mainly shirts, with some polo shirts added to the mix (since shirts are harder to iron).

Also, it became very easy to just go outside in the middle of the day, since I no longer need to “go dress up”. :)

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