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March, 2016

People who know me understand I believe all problems (we know) we have can be solved by improving education. It has the potential to provide exponential betterment.

Who wouldn’t want that?

We just need to look at how much the world and society has improved over standardizing education, making it efficient and “easy to spread”. We halved illiteracy in just 35 years.

So, it appears we’re on the right track, right? Go go go.

Kind of.

While objectively things continue to improve (no matter how much Juvenoia leads us to believe otherwise — and I often fall in its trap), it’s arguable the best improvements we’re seeing come from creativity-focused schooling, like the sudbury model (there are many others, this is simply the one I’m most familiar with).

In my opinion, we’ve reached peak impact in the standard schooling system.

It made great impact, and now it’s time to evolve it.

We’re better now. We can do better.

Why is it better?

Arguably, humanity has been getting better and smarter.

This means the solutions we talk about today are potentially not even the best ones.

We also have more division and it’s hard for people to get behind something so “radical”.

By the time more intelligent people (and by intelligence I mean having a better ability to think, creatively) start coming out of those non-standard schools, they will probably have solutions no one has thought of, or at least have more people on board with those solutions, ultimately enabling the societies to move forward on them.

I also believe voting will be improved as well, because people should then stop voting like candidates are football teams, and be more objective and factual.

So, no drawbacks?

It’s less efficient from a cost perspective than standard schools, but we should focus on making people smarter, not making education cheap.

We’re also not really sure which methods will really work best, just that question-based and creativity-freeing education yields much better results.

Probably it’s a good idea to not implement these as a consistent/strictly-organized method, I don’t know.

If it’s so good, why isn’t it the standard?

Good question! When who’s benefitting from people not being as smart and free-thinking are the ones in charge, it’s hard to move that needle quickly.

It’s moving, though, and creating impact. It just needs to spread more to eventually flip the switch and allow more people to benefit from it.

How can you help?

You can start by simply researching more about the subject and understanding if this is something you agree with.

Think for yourself, don’t outsource your thinking.

Then there’s many ways you can help, usually contributing to a non-standard school near you. Ask them what they need help with.

I’ve helped South Jersey Sudbury School while being over 5000km away.

Bruno Bernardino

Written by Bruno Bernardino.
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