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Great questions to ask on an interview

As an interviewee.

August, 2014

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For over a year I’ve been interviewing people somewhat frequently (10–20 interviews per month), and I thought I’d share some tips and some great questions you can and should ask as an interviewee, to help you understand more about the position, the company, and hopefully make you stand out from your “competition”.

How is the success measured for this position I’m applying to?

The answer to this question should give you a tangible metric as to how can you measure and report back on success, and what are the main things you need to focus on to be successful on that position.

What do you feel [company name] needs to improve on?

This answer should give you a lot of insight as to what is the company focusing on, or if there’s something important that you can help on.

Why did you apply to [company name]?

This might not give you any new information if you did your research, but it usually gets you a new perspective on the company and you might also get to know your interviewer a bit better.

What is the thing that you feel separates [company name] from the competition?

This answer should give you a good understanding of what is the company’s marginal utility. Why are they different and how is that better.

Just be honest about what you want

These questions are mostly honest questions you’d be asking if you were really interested in knowing if there was a real fit between you and the company, instead of just “landing the job” for the sake of money.

There are a ton other great questions you can ask, and you’ll surely come up with them if you simply ask yourself something like “How can I be sure I really would love to work at [company name]?”.

People just tend to forget about that most times, and apply to jobs just to get a job, instead of trying to really love what they’re doing.

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