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Two years with Zapier

What an amazing journey so far!

January, 2018

It’s incredible to think that I only joined Zapier two years ago and realize how much we’ve grown since then.

In fact, that’s one of the things I think we’ve done the best: growing well, without sacrificing culture, quality of work, nor its joy.

It’s also been the first time I’ve been exposed to this concept of respecting and promoting ”individual contributing” as a valid career path, rather than “growing to manage” (so if I don’t want to manage teams, I can still grow as an individual contributor). I didn’t feel like I was being held back, by not wanting to manage teams, and wanting to continue to focus on developing.

In fact, having people who prefer to manage and handle all the research, planning, et all do exactly that has allowed individual contributors like me to do even more and better work, all with working 40h/week tops!

The continuous efforts to make sure the company is growing well, that I’m doing something I love and feel happy about, with performance reviews like I’ve never seen before, great comments and suggestions flowing in all directions, coupled with the most amazing customers and team I’ve ever worked with, makes me excited about the future at Zapier.

I also can’t stress enough how I think our customers are so amazing because of our outstanding customer support team. They’re ridiculously awesome.

I’m writing this while enjoying my 14-week paternity leave (yep!!), and while I’m committed to not working during this period and completely focusing on my family, I can’t help but check in to our internal blog once in a while and see what we have been improving further, given my excitement with the team and product.

Now, if you’re not aware of it, I have no ambition nor goals, but rather try to follow my passions, and I’ve been able to learn, create, and share so many things (much of what I worked on last year is Open Source), so for that, I have to thank everyone at Zapier, including our customers.

Thank you!

Bruno Bernardino

Written by Bruno Bernardino.
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